The total treatment I receive at Dr. Doi's office is wonderful, healing, and nurturing.  I love the office, the staff, the serenity, and Terry's great care.  Simply getting chiropractic treatment (at another office) was not working for me, but Dr. Terry provides massage, heat, muscle stem, graston, and adjustment.  She also talks to me, offers good advice, and genuinely cares about my pain level and well-being.

I love the whole health care I receive from Terry Doi and her staff.

Thank goodness for good friends, as they referred me to Dr. Theresa Doi.  My first appointment was scheduled the day after I called.  Terry took time to diagnose, and was able to take quick action.  As fitness coordinator at Juniper Swim and Fitness I am fortunate to have a fun, active job.  The compression in my spine started with a tingling, then progressed into a shooting pain down my leg.  I could barely walk let alone live my active life.  After just a few sessions of Decompression - with some added K-Laser and E-Stem - I was back to functioning.  As Dr. Doi expected at 12 sessions I was back functioning at a high level and able to enjoy the action-packed vacation I had planned.

Everyone in the office - Terry, Barb and Lynn - are so attentive and truly focused on helping you heal.  And healing I am, but even more important I am learning and finding my balanced happy place.

Thank you!

Since having the K-Laser treatment on my ankles the pain and stiffness has decreased significantly.  I have been told that joint replacement would be the only thing that would help my right ankle and relieve the daily pain.  The laser treatments have helped so much that I don't feel I need to have surgery.  The laser treatments are the only thing I have tried that actually relieves the pain significantly.

This is the "quiet" treatment to help speed healing!  By penetrating to the cellular level, the laser helps jump start your body's own healing process.  In conjunction with the wide range of treatments provided by Dr. Terry Doi and her chiropractic staff, laser may be the solution to your back, neck and shoulder complaints.

Laser treatment has provided the extra "push" to successfully address my neck and should pain.  This is the "quiet" treatment that is boosting my body's own healing process!

It is the best thing I have ever done for my back.  It is so great to be pain and stiffness free everyday.

Regular chiropractic adjustments were not working for my neck and arm pain.  Spinal decompression was quick and I now have no pain.

Before treatment I was experiencing pain my lower neck and upper spine.  Pain was below a spinal fusion that was done about 16 years prior.  After about 12 or 13 treatments the pain was gone.  Since treatment I have been able to increase my weight lifting and running, and have lost 13 pounds.  I would very much recommend this to anyone with back pain.

I had leg pain and numbness for 3 years.  The decompression helped my lower back and leg pain.

What Our Patients Are Saying

The total treatment I receive at Dr. Doi's office is wonderful, healing, and nurturing.  I love the office, the staff, the serenity, and Terry's great care.


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