Full Body Vibration


Power Plate®

The Power Plate® machine offers whole-body vibration training. The unit consists of a platform upon which you sit or stand. The frequency and amplitude of the vibration is changed to create instability in your body. These vibrations transmit waves of energy, activating muscle contractions 25 to 50 times per second. The Power Plate® machine oscillates in all three planes so it forces the body to perform reflexive muscle actions, as a response to what the brain perceives as instability. The Power Plate® sessions are relatively easy, short and pain free. Sessions range from 10-15 minutes. No special clothing is required.


  • Fall prevention and balance
  • Improving muscular strength and power
  • Alleviating pain (spinal and extremity)
  • Reducing cellulite
  • Aiding weight loss
  • Increasing bone mineral density and preventing bone mineral density loss related to ageing
  • Improving circulation and cardiovascular function
  • Improving flexibility and range of motion
  • Improving general wellbeing, fitness and daily life functioning in patient populations

Works for a wide range of People

The Power Plate® is:

  • easy to execute exercises
  • minimal stress on joints and bone
  • short programs / time efficient
  • low entrance level possible, with small step increments
  • low perceived exertion so high compliance

The Power Plate® machine's accessibility makes the benefits of physical activity within reach for many of those not able to participate in other forms of exercise and its ability to help increase muscular strength, improve balance, increase circulation, affect bone mineral density and encourage weight loss, all make this form of exercise particularly beneficial for various patient populations.

What Our Patients Are Saying

The total treatment I receive at Dr. Doi's office is wonderful, healing, and nurturing.  I love the office, the staff, the serenity, and Terry's great care.


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